Each year, a National Water Week theme is selected to engage and inspire the community, bringing water to the forefront of our minds as we focus on all involved with this precious resource.


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Accelerating Action

The 2024 National Water Week theme is Accelerating Action. It serves as a powerful rally cry for our community to address water's vital role in the current climate crisis. Together, we will spark a collective movement towards a sustainable water future, taking concrete steps to bring about enduring change.

We invite the community to accelerate action this National Water Week and contribute to shaping a sustainable water future for generations to come, urging everyone to be part of this transformative movement.

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United by Water

The 2023 National Water Week theme is United by Water, homologous to the Ozwater’23 theme. It celebrates water's vital role in connecting us all. Water touches every aspect of development. It drives economic growth, supports healthy ecosystems, and is essential and fundamental for life. Our collaborations in water management continue to guide us in this integral space.

 We encourage you to use the assets in the menu above to promote your involvement and event and show your support of #NationalWaterWeek. 


Past themes: 2014-2022

2022 - Our water stories

2021 - Caring for water and Country

2020 - Reimagining our water future

2019 - It's time to change the world

2018 - Water for me, water for all

2017 - The Heart of Our Culture

2016 - Water-Life-Growth

2015 - Water Innovation

2014 - Water Sources: There are more than you think