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Show Your Support

Be an advocate of #NationalWaterWeek with a social tile or online
banner, or make your event look the part.



National Water Week Logos

Logos are provided in large and small sizes for digital and print and should not be resized. None of the logos or graphics should be distorted by squeezing or stretching them. 

The logos are available in two layouts – a horizontal (inline) version and a vertical (stacked) version, with white and black background versions of each. The National Water Week logo should be included on all materials produced for the week. 


NWW Logos_website4

National Water Week Logo - Stacked
1. Large: 1000px x 1000px
2. Medium 300px x 300px
3. eps Vector File
Download Stacked Logo

NWW Logos_website5


National Water Week Logo - Inline
1. Large: 1000px x 370px
2. Medium 300px x 111px
3. eps Vector File

Download Inline Logo

2022 Theme and Artwork

National Water Week focuses on a broad theme allowing everyone to participate. This year's theme invites all to share their Water Stories.  

 The design layers different water stories through a wave pattern that echoes those in the community and includes a diverse range of people and their water stories. It also draws upon our 60th anniversary and #OurWaterStories 

 We encourage you to use the assets below to promote your involvement and event and show your support of #NationalWaterWeek. 


Online Ads

NWW Online Ads

1. Large Leader board (970 x 250px) 
2. Leader board (728 x 90 px) 
3. Banner (468 x 60 px) 
4. Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 px) 
5. Rectangle (600 x 400 px) 
6. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 px)
Download Online Ads 


Social Media Tiles



National Water Week Social Tile - Rectangle
1. National Water Week
2. Your Logo + Water Story
3. Your Logo

Download Social Tile - Rectangle





National Water Week Social Tile - Square
1. National Water Week 2022
2. Your Logo + Your Water Story
3. Your Logo

Download Social Tile - Square





Zoom Background

National Water Week 2022_Zoom Background

Download Zoom Background


A3 Poster


Download A3 Poster


Email Signature

2022 National Water Week_Email Signature-2

Download Email Signature